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Antique Radio Charlotte 2016
 1 - Pre-1912 Electrical devices, non radio
  2 - Pre-1920 receivers & transmitters and wire line telegraph items
  3 - 1920's era Broadcast receivers
  a. Passive Detectors
  b. 1 tube sets
  c. 2 - 3 tube sets
  d. 4 - 5 tubes sets
  e. Sets with 6 or more tubes
  4 - 1930's - 40's - 50's era
  a. Cathedrals & Tombstones
  b. Consoles
  c. Catalin & Bakelite
  d. Television receivers
  5 - Transistor Radios
  a. Large Multiband Portables
  b. Early pocket sets
  c. Novelties sets
  6 - Vintage HiFi Audio Gear
  7 - Vintage (tube type) Citizen Band (CB) radio
  8 - Communications Equipment Rx & Tx a. Pre WW2 b. Post WW2
  9 - Sound Reproducers, Cones & Horns
  a. Horns
  b. Cone Reproducer
10 - Military Radio Equipment, any era
11 - Test Equipment
12 - Vacuum Tubes
13 - Radio Literature, Books, Magazines & Advertising
14 - New construction from old parts or replicas of vintage equipment.
15 - Survivors-Completely original and unrestored sets any era, they may have been cleaned, but that's all.
16 - Special "Display Only" category
For those not interested in being judged. ANYTHING GOES HERE

NOTE: Sets that have previously won a first place ribbon at this meet are ineligible for judging in the "regular" contest, "Special" categories excluded.

Special Awards

Best of Show
"The Lew Elias Award"
Best of Show will get $100 plus an engraved plaque.

Best Restoration
with photos and documentation as backup
Best Restoration will receive $50 and a Gold Ribbon.